By Gary N. Knoppers, Lester L. Grabbe, Deirdre Fulton

This quantity had its origins in a consultation provided to the Society of Biblical Literature in Washington in 2006 so as to research the legacy of Peter Ackroyd to the sphere of religious study. Ackroyd's paintings stretched over a variety of subject matters inside of religious study, particularly examine of prophetic literature and paintings on exile and recovery. This quantity really focuses upon his paintings at the latter. when the current paintings is based upon the papers given on the consultation it is usually numerous essays solicited thus which extra serve to attract the contributions jointly right into a becoming tribute to a pioneer in his field.
The contributions take account of Ackroyd's method of the subject matter of exile and recovery, focusing mostly upon the research of Ezra-Nehemiah and Chronciles. As a quick flavour, Bob Becking examines the epigraphic facts in regards to the combined marriage challenge Ezra-Nehemiah. Joe Blenkinsopp seeks to discover the ‘Sons of Aaron' sooner than the fifth Century in a desirable essay focusing which selections up the paintings of R.H. Kennett over a century in the past. one of the different individual participants are John Bergsma, Eric Myers and Jill Middlemass.

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7. 8. 9. Milkomyat [ Asa [ Baga’ Gad‘azar [ ’Awri’l [. ] ‘ [ Hassal’il ’ [ Yahuˆyada‘ [ ‘Alıˆ ’il [ Yaqqim[’]il [ mlkmyt [ ’s’ [ bg’ gd‘zr ’l’mr [ ’wr’l [. ] ’ [ hsl’l ’ [ yhwyd‘ [ ‘ly’l [ yqm[’]l [ In this list of personal names a diversity of theophoric elements occur: . . . ‘El, ’ilu’, is attested four times: ’Awri’l, Hassal’il, ‘Alıˆ ’il and Yaqqim’il. The theophoric element refers to the Canaanite supreme deity El or, more probably, is an appelativum for the Ammonite deity Milkom; ‘Milkom’ is the main deity of the Ammonite pantheon; bg’, is an Iranian word that indicates the divine par excellence or one of the individual Persian gods; ‘Gad’ refers to a Canaanite deity who was later identified with Roman Fortuna; in Palmyra, Gad was the expression of the deified concept of providence (Teixidor 1979: 89–95); The theophoric element yhw- refers to the main deity of ancient Israel; the orthography of the theophoric element reminds one of the way the Israelite divine was referred to in personal names from the Northern Kingdom (yh) or ‘to be more precise’ of the orthography of this name in the ostraca and papyri (yhw), and not so much of Judaean orthography (yw) (Weippert 1976–80).

Next to the Persian emperors already mentioned and some governors and officers, the names of buyers and sellers, slaves and witnesses are recorded. Among the six slaves sold – two of them also have the names of their fathers recorded – are four slaves bearing a name with a Yahwistic theophoric element. 12; Dusˇ ek 2007: 214–26) – is to be construed as common West Semitic. 22739) – contains a reference to the Edomite god Qaus/Qoˆs. A comparable dispersal is found among the names of the buyers. 14; Dusˇ ek 2007: 130–49).

Mordākay contains the name of the Babylonian deity Marduk as a theophoric element; . bilsˇān contains the name of the Babylonian deity Bel; . bigway, is a Semitic rendering of the Persian personal name *Bagavahya;16 . uˆr is an Egyptian name meaning ‘son of Horus’, but note that already in Jeremiah 20 mention is made of ‘Paschur the son of 16 See also Heb. 14; Neh. 14; Diodorus Siculus, Hist. XVI 40,3; 43,4; 47,4; 50,7; XXXI 19,2–3 (an adviser of Artaxerxes III Ochus who had led a punishment expedition to Egypt in the context of the subduction of the rebellion of the satraps against the Persian emperor, see Klinkott 2005: 340); Pliny, Hist.

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