By Walter E. and Michael A. Arthur (Eds) Dean

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The Application of Ichnology to Palaeoenvironmental And Stratigraphic Analysis (Geological Society Special Publication No. 228)

It's been more and more discovered via sedimentologists within the petroleum and academia that integration of ichnological info into sedimentological types, and vice versa, is without doubt one of the major capacity wherein we will be able to increase our knowing of historic depositional environments. This quantity goals to supply an analytical evaluate of the ichnology of all significant depositional environments and using ichnology in biostratigraphic and series stratigraphic research, in addition to hugely subtle palaeoenvironmental reports.

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Pleistocene Environments in the British Isles

Contemporary advancements in Pleistocene study have triggered the authors to supply this updated, concise account of environmental alterations in the past million years. Well-illustrated and referenced, it possesses a different place within the literature on Pleistocene occasions within the British Isles.

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The prolonged continental South American turtle checklist (Norian to Lujanian) permits us to stick to the evolution of this reptile clade from its origins. numerous major stem turtle taxa reminiscent of: Palaeochersistalampayensis and Condorchelys antiqua offer info at the first steps of turtle evolution.

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W Greenhorn Formation e E C-) -0. : m Z-.. HL 3 <---- CC 0 HL 2 HL 1 tv 1000 MK - zce zw - - In the Kansas outcrops, the Greenhorn Formation is an i.. interbedded succession of dark-colored, shaly chalk, chalky limestone, calcarenite, and calcareous shale 21 to 41 m (69 to 134 ft) C thick (Table 2). 8 ft) (Table 2). ) C. Zi" "X" Bentonite 1050 FIG. -Gamma-ray (left) and resistivity logs (right) of the Bounds well showing depositional cycles in the Greenhorn Formation marked off by thin horizontal lines.

1993). Mytiloides hercynicus? 2 ft in the Fairport represents a range zone in the lower Middle Turonian. 8 ft in the Fairport, with the preceding species, characterize the Middle Turonian. 0 ft at the top of the Fairport Chalk Member of the Carlile Shale. 45 Ma) is represented in the Blue Hill Shale Member of the Carlile. The occurrence of Mytiloides costellatus? 8 ft at the top of the Fairport in this core is lower than reported by Kauffman et al. (1993); they found it in the Blue Hill and the Codell Members of the Carlile.

Fossil tops indicated by + and fossil base by o. Only the key fossils are named on this graph, although bases and tops of other taxa constraining the line of correlation are shown. The xaxis is age in the Amoco composite standard at a variable scale. The solid line is the FIG. 5 4 -1- _1 8 650 + G. schneegansi G. subconicus V. plummerae \&ronifera G. primitiva 700' G. umbilicata L. kansasensis 4 preferred line of correlation; the dashed line is the alternative if cycles are at a 100 ka frequency.

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