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36; A. N. ZadoksJosephus Jitta, The Conlo1'niates in the Royal Coin Cabinet at the Hague in Mnemosyne (S. IV), IV, 1951,84, no. 5=Alfoldi, 153, no. 222 and PI. XII, 10. PI. XIV, 3-4 is published with the permission of the authorities of the Royal Coin Cabinet. See also P. Ch. Robert, My the de Cyb~le et d'Attis in Rev. , Ill, 1885, 34ft and PI. V. I) Robinson, Olynthus, IV, 58; 94; Olynthus, X, 160ft with figs 17, a, b: "not later than the end of the 5th cent. ". I) CIL VI 505, Villa Albani. The design incorrectly reads L.

Uz. v. Kyb618, col. 1647 and fig. 2; F. Gnecchi, I medaglioni f'omani, Rome 1912, 25, no. 8 and PI. 57, 4; 41, no. 21 and Pl. 68, 7; Lambrechts, Attis, 47 and Pl. 14. Pl. XIV, I is taken from G. E. Rizzo, La Bas. di Augusto, Napoli 1933, Pl. B 6. ') Both in the Staatliche Museen in Berlin: a) Inv. no. 2005, b: Friederichs, Kl. Kunsl, no. 2005, b; Urlichs in Jb V61'. AlIA. , XXIII, 1856, Pl. 3. b) Inv. no. 8169 together with Inv. no. 8170 (Sabazius): AA VII, 1892, Ill, no. 15; Ch. Picard in Mon.

T) Unpublished. Izmir Museum, Inv. no. 329. Possibly Roman period. CYBELE'S PASSION FOR ATTIS Ephesus she is seated on a throne with a lion on her right side. At her left a youth is standing wearing only a chiton but resembling Attis. The same scene occurs on a silver ring from Nacrasa in Asia Minor. 1) Cybele, in her usual dress, is seated in her normal position on a Jow throne with a 1ion on either side. She hoJds a patera and a tympanum in her right and left hands, respective1y. ) and a 'lJexillum or labrys.

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